by W. H. Johnson

At right & below right:  Kirlian
photographs showing the Human Aura emanating from a fingertip. Note the individual "fountains" at right side of picture, i.e. aura seems to be coming from individual pores in the skin surface.

Two photos at bottom of this page also show the same effect. This is evidence to support the theory that fiery aura caused fabric surface scorching on the shroud, helping to create its image.

From the The Ethoric Double, Aurthur E. Powell , 1969.  Chapter, The Etheric Double :

"The(energy) vampire (a negitive personality) is not appreaciably benefited by the vitality of which he has robbed others ,because  his own system tends to dissipate what he (or she) accuires without proper assimilation.  A person in this condition needs mesmeric treatment, (with) strictly limited quanities of Prana being supplied to him, until the elasticity of the etheric double is restored,  so that  both the suction and the leakage cease. 


Again, the idea of Turin Shroud, [Christ's aura was] projected via skin pores in all directions at once.  Was the resurrection an extreme out of body experience?

From the The Ethoric Double, Aurthur E. Powell , 1969.  Chapter, The Etheric Double :
"There, in the dim light below me, was the bed. There were two figures lying in bed; to the  right was my wife."

(Note, Angel of  SELF  that sat atop the stone at the tomb's door)

"Somehow ,the vibrations were killing me; desperately, like a  diver, I swooped down to my  body and dove in ....WHAT HAD  HAPPENED?"

Chapter on Thought-Forms, last page:

"If an evil thought, projected with malefic intent, strikes such a body, it can only rebound from it and is flung back with all it's own energy; it then flies  backward along the magnetic line of least resistance, THAT WHICH IT HAS JUST TRAVERSED, AND STRIKES IT'S PROJECTOR."

Page 205:   "WE ARE A PART OF THE UNIVERSAL WHOLE, INFLUENCED BY THE CEASELESS EBB AND FLOW OF THE UNIVERSE."   ..."The electrodynamic theory of life  suggests a universal electric field affecting  (all) living  matter,"   ",...while ,in turn,  all life exerts  it's own infuence upon the (electrical) field  ,while still responding to it."

chapter: Electodynamic Man, cont'd  page 208

"In human beings, cases of  luminescence are rare , but varied."

A short list to save time:  HUMAN  MAGNETS, HUMAN DYNAMOS, GLOWING SAINTS,  HEADS, BREASTS, BREATH, HEARTS, electicly charged paients and children, attracted or spun objects and furniture;  human sparkplugs and firestaters; those that generate great  heat and I suspect,those that incinerate to a fine ash; men and women that can light lightbulbs or even lift weights by attraction alone and this, from page210:

"...Lamas from  Tibet, who cann exibit abnormal heat .... and radiate such  heat that the snow melts around them. This ability is called tumo,a nd writers on Oriental mysticism, state that it's development depends on visualization of fire, and certain breathing exercises."

"BE AS  HIS MASTER." I am not out to make the miraculious common,only to show that he have few answers in the face of  such happening; to say nothing of the Selfimage of Christ and his long list of supernatural abilities.  Many of the afforementioned might better be called afflictions.  A few, to that point:

"Several times a night ,while she slept ,a flickering bluish glow eminated from her breasts .....afterward,persperation drenched  her body."

"...tells of two cases (in which) he observed luminous halos appearing about the heads and hands of two female patients ." ....  ",the appearances had an orange tint and lasted  about  two hours."

":luminous persperation, urine and ulcers; two cases of luminous breath issuing from the mouths of patients ,shortly before  death ; TWO CASES OF PHTHSIS IN WHICH THE  HEADS OF THE VICTIMS WERE SURROUNDED BY PHOSPHORESCENT  LIGHTS; AND A VICTIM OF  PSORIASIS ,WHO WAS ENVELOPED IN A LUMINOUS AURA FOR SEVERAL DAYS."


NOT TO MENTION, inability  to be burnt, levitation, healings, and no few bio-locations.
Closing with this text is the idea of transendance and other-worldlyness.   The author muses of the nutrino:

"It is as though they are not actually  ATTACHED to this Universe, but are instead simply  ducking in and out, for the benefit  of  curious  physicists."

My thoughts go to the idea of the sun failing as Christ (God) is totally tied up in pain, on the cross, a side effect perhaps, beyond his control, as perhaps was his selfimage, predestined perhaps, but  not definitely a gift from the wounded Christ; instead, a dark and pained reminder  from  his Father.

From  THE HUMAN AURA   by:Nickolas Regush, Berkley  Books, 1974.
A quote from Edgar Cayce :

"One day, the appearance of a woman in our neighborhood struck me as odd ,though I could not for the moment see anything strange about her. When I got home, it struck me that she had no colors about her.  Within weeks, the woman died. That was my first experience with what I have learned to look upon as a natural action of nature."

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Fingertip aura using Kirlian photography
(evidence to support the theory that fiery aura causes fabric surface scorching.)