References to the Resurrection found in Shakespeare

 From the 1st part of  KING HENRY VI:
"...brandish your crystal tresses in the sky and with them, SCOURGE THE BAD,....REVOLTING STARS....that  have consented unto Henry's death."
back of Yeshua, the Christ....en-cratered...via Roman lead...(only  1/2 way ....piercing the skin

act one, continued, of the blazing, lightning - like angel of the Lord
"....did blind men with his beams: HIS ARMS SPREAD WIDER THAN A DRAGON'S WINGS:...his  sparkling eyes, replete with wrathful fire,......and death's dishonourable victory----- we ,with our stately presence , glorify,----LIKE CAPTIVES.....BOUND TO A TRIUMPHANT CAR...."
- This is a reference to the Roman triumph, procession of victorious generals, or that of Egypt, etc, ....with the  slave captives,in tow.

Reference to the projected Aura of Christ vs. the  reflective armors of Rome both seen, one dominates----
"....COMBAT WITH ADVERSE PLANETS IN THE HEAVENS! a far more glorious starthy  soul will make, than JULIUS CEASAR....OR BRIGHT...  HEALTH TO YOU ALL.!...."

A reference to the defeat of dragon by St. George.  Compare this with cast of scale armor of Resurrection - thousands of scales woven together.
" keep our great Saint George's feast withall: 10,000 soldiers with me, I will take" (covering of Christ--to be a  part  of  this journey into immortality, remembrance of the  Turin Shroud Image."...soldiers with me.  I WILL TAKE, WHOSE BLOODY DEEDS SHALL MAKE ALL EUROPE QUAKE."

 ACT I, ii :   "...glory is like a circle in the water, WHICH NEVER CEASETH TO ENLARGE ITSELF,....WITH HENRY'S DEATH, THE ENGLISH CIRCLE ENDS..."

Act 1,iii:  insulting of enemy horsemen,...calling them only squires,  cleaning boys,  Gloucester.-
"....break up the gates....shall I be flouted by...."

Act one,  iv: "...was I exchanged and ransomed. BUT WITH BASER MAN OF ARMS  BY FAR, ONCE IN CONTEMPT, THEY WOULD HAVE BARTERED ME;...  SO VILE ESTEEMED..... IN TIME , REDEEMED I WAS...... , in the suburbs close entrenched, WONT THROUGH A SECRET GRATE OF IRON BARS......IN YONDER TOWER, TO OVERPEER THE CITY..." - grate, a square-like pattern overspreading a man's face; so also, the enscaled shroud image, once enhanced.

Talbot....closing of  part iv:
"...dolphin or dogfish, your hearts I'll stamp out with my house's heels, AND MAKE A QUAGMIRE OF YOUR MANGLED BRAINS."
Enscaled  horse-armor, over the  tortured flesh  of Jesus.  A common question of honest men: Was Jesus  upon earth 40 days after crucifiction; as a  somewhat brain-damaged mortal?

iv-80: "...if thou  canst speak: HOW FAREST THOU, MIRROR OF ALL MARTIAL MEN?...accured fatal hand that hath contrived this woeful tragedy!"

Bedford,  2nd act, i-18  " much he wrongs his fame, DISPAIRING OF HIS OWN ARM'S FORTITUDE, TO JOIN WITH WITCHES AND THE HELP OF HELL!"
II-iii-45: "....yhat you have aught but Talbot's shadow whereon to practice your severity.  WHY, ART NOT  THOU A MAN?  I AM INDEED.  THEN I HAVE SUBSTANCE TOO"
Act 3, iii--45:  "...and see the cities and towns wasting ruin of the cruel  foe." - The idea of an over-view of modern cities; the grid-like look thereof, a roman invention.  Compare with  grid like, enscaled image of the Shroud as seen using infra-red light.  damaged  by men of war---DEFACED.

Act 4, iii-24   " the rescue (......) is girdled with a waist of iron, AND HEMMED ABOUT WITH GRIM DESTRUCTION...."

Act 4, iv-10: "...thou art come upon a feast of death, A TERRIBLE AND UNAVOIDED DANGER: THEREFORE , DEAR BOY MOUNT ON MY SWIFTEST HORSE; AND I'LL DIRECT THEE HOW THOU SHALT ESCAPE...." - passover feast, as Jesus lay, enwrapped, in the tomb.

scene vii:   "...his bloody sword he brandished over me, and like a hungry lion, did commence rough deeds of rage...." - Satan's attacks of Christ.....just prior to the cross.

5/5-106---"....,TILL YOU DO RETURN ,I REST PERPLEXED WITH 1000 CARES ,AND YOU(.......)...banish all offence..."


 IDEA---THE  OPENING LINE OF  WEB-SITE---AS TO  VENERATION OF THE Turin Shroud---that the mixing of armor images with that of Christ---is not welcome,  as a  bright spot-light in a bedroom marraige of images---mixed together.

5/scene  2/-10..."...knit his brows,as frowning at the favours of the world?why are thine eyes fixed to to the sullen earth,GAZING ON THAT WHICH SEEMS TO DIM THY SIGHT?  WHAT SEEST THOU THERE?(......)....enchased with all the  honours of the world?(>>>>>>>)...and never more abase our sight so low .."

the  proceeding  verses...,compare with  computer enhanced imagry
act 1/iii---80/  ".....strangers in court do take her for the queen:SHE BEARS A DUKE'S REVENUES ON HER BACK, AND  IN HER HEART, SHE SCORNS OUR POVERTY..."/    1/iii/190----"...villain and mechanical,I'LL HAVE THY HEAD FOR THIS THY TRAITOR'S  SPEECH.I DO BESEECH YOUR ROYAL MAJESTY, LET HIM HAVE ALL THE RIGOUR OF THE LAW."/---/////   speaks BOLINGGBROKE---"..TIMES:DEEP NIGHT :.PATIENCE ,GOOD LADY;WIZARDS KNOW THEIR DARK NIGHT(>>>>>------)...AND THE SPIRITS WALK AND GHOSTS BREAK UP THEIR GRAVES,THAT TIME BEST FITS THE WORK WE HAVE IN HAND...."///2nd act///   "...what ,Cardinal,is  your priesthood  grown peremptory? TANTAENE ANIMIS COELWSTIBUS IRAE?    CHURCHMEN SO HOT? GOOD UNCLE,HIDE SUCH MALICE;...".////  "....,GOD BE PRAISED,THAT TO BELIEVING SOULS ,GIVES LIGHT IN DARKNESS,COMFORT IN DESPAIR!"./// the duchess/2-iv/40//  "...can I bear this shameful yoke?(........)...count them happy that enjoy the sun?NO;DARK SHALL BE MY LIGHT AND NIGHT MY DAY; to think upon my pomp ,shall be my hell."/---christ's  image----mixed with the coppers of the Empire//////////    at end of 2nd act--- idea...that,indeed,Turin images are of the unfinished work...,of Jesus....still enwrapped  ,within  the earth//"...MY SHAME WILL NOT BE SHIFTED WITH MY SHEET:NO ,IT WILL HANG UPON MY RICHEST ROBES,AND SHOW ITSELF(......)...GO, LEAD THE WAY ; I LONG TO SEE MY PRISON."////   gloucester---"...,these days are dangerous:VIRTUE IS CHOCKED WITH FOUL AMBITION,AND CHARITY ,CHASED HENCE BY RANCOUR'S HAND:FOUL SUBORNATION IS PRODOMINANT AND EQUITY EXILED..."//// "...and causeless ,have laid disgraces on my head...."/// act 3/i/201...  "...,my body ,round engirt with misery,for what's more(........)....,in thy face ,I SEE  THE MAP OF HONOUR, TRUTH, LOYALTY..."/metalic  covering---over a Kings brow....   "...shall not cease to rage ,until the golden circuit on my head ,LIKE TO THE GLORIOUS SUN'S TRANSPARENT BEAMS,DO CALM THE FURY OF THIS MAD-BRED FLAW."/////   ACT 3/ii/50 " crying comfort from a hollow breast, can chase away the  1st conceived sound?HIDE NOT THY POISON WITH SUGERED WORDS,LAY NOT THY HANDS ON ME ;forbear,I say;THEIR TOUCH AFFRIGHTS ME AS A SERPENT'S STING. THOU BALEFUL MESSENGER,OUT OF MY SIGHT! ///"///    ii----90// "...forewarning wind did seem to say,"SEEK NOT A SCORPION'S NEST,NOR SET FOOTING ON THIS UNKIND SHORE"?---what did I then...."////this unkind shore---study of Roman armor,as seen--mixed in the blood of anew of their victims////     act 3/iii/a bedchamber/the cardinal,in bed..../"...AH,WHAT A SIGN IT IS OF AN EVIL LIFE, WHERE DEATH'S APPROACH IS SEEN SO TERRIBLE!"///  (......)...."...FROM HIS BOSOM,PURGE THIS BLACK DISPAIR!/ SEE,HOW THE PANGS OF DEATH DO MAKE HIM GRIN!/DISTURB HIM NOT..."///  4/iv--40/ "...,with the sword,we wiped away the blot;THEREFORE,WHEN ,MERCHANT-LIKE, I SELL REVENGE,BROKE BE MY SWORD ,MY ARMS ,TORN AND DEFACED..."//-the idea comes to mind...of the Turin image---both arms are  covered by patches///// act 4/vii/70/ "....and seeing ignorance ignorance is the curse of God, knowledge the wings wherewith we fly to heaven..."/ coin-scales of selfimage; 5/ii/35/   "...O WAR,THOU SON OF HELLL ,WHOM ANGRY HEAVENS DO MAKE THEIR MINISTER,THROW IN THE FROZEN BOSOMS OF OUR PART----HOT COALS....."/verce 70---...//////THIRD PART OF HENRY VI/    act one-, i-180/  "...farewell,faint hearted and degenerate king,IN WHOSE COLD BLOOD ,NO SPARK OF HONOUR BIDES...."/// #130---"....:FIRST, SHALL WAR UNPEOPLE THIS MY REALM; ay,and their colors(>>>>>>>>)....shall bew my winding sheet.why  faint you ,lords? "  /////////      act 2/i-94/  "NAY,IF THOU BE THAT PRINCELY EAGLE'S BIRD,show thy descent BY GAZING AT THE SUN:(>>>>>>)EITHER THAT(the sun) IS THINE ,OR ELSE THOU WERT NOT HIS."/////////     ACT3/III-80// "...AND AFTER JOHN OF GAUNT,HENRY THE 4TH ,WHOSE WISDOM WAS A MIRROR TO THE WISEST:...."/ ACT 5/VI/15/ "...AND,I..(>>>>>>>>>)...have now the fatal object in my  eye,where my poor....young....was limed,was caught, killed."/images of Ceasar....upon his very  eyes/    scene 6/ i/10/ "....that, IN THEIR CHAINS FETTERED THE KINGLY LION,AND MADE THE FOREST TREMBLE.... "///   overview of text of  R I C H A R D - THE - T H I R D.... ////WRITTEN ABOUT 400 YEARS AGO/ SCENE ONE/i///  "...grim visaged war hath smoothed his wrinkled front; and now----instead of mounting barbed steeds to fight the souls of fearful adversaries...."////unevenness of reflected image//     '....UNLESS ,TO SPY MY SHADOW IN THE SUN ,AND  DESCANT ON MINE OWN DEFORMITY:..."///same idea//prophetic of the sun's nature---of it's very surface...,mage of pictuals,giving it a  scale-like  quality....,as had ancient armors////////   anne/1/ii/50// "...and mortal eyes cannot endure the devil.AVAUNT,THOU DREADFUL MINISTER OF HELL!    THOU HADST BUT POWER OVER HIS MORTAL BODY, HIS SOUL THOU CANST NOT HAVE;therefore,be gone."/  of the 3d-computer construct.../verse 55."....blush,blush ,thou  lump of foul deformity; for 'tis thy presence that exhales this blood.....from  cold and empty veins(......)...inhuman and unnatural,..."/ie---the thinking  machines of the 70s/90s/ of the future/////

SAID  THE QUEEN,....elizabeth---/ACT2/II/37/ ".....AND TORMENT MYSELF? I'LL JOIN WITH BLACK DESPAIR ,AGAINST MY SOUL,AND, TO MYSELF,BECOME AN ENEMY."////// verse s4-60/ "/....and lived BY LOOKING ON HIS IMAGES: BUT  NOW,TWO MIRRORS OF HIS PRINCELY SEMBLANCE ARE CRACKED IN PIECES, BY MALIGNANT DEATH,....and  I for comfort,have but one false glass,WHICH GRIEVES ME ,WHEN I SEE MY SHAME IN HIM..."///ie--shroud imagry, THE Veronica lost?/  /////  act 3/v-30/"...the plainest harmless creature that breathed upon this earth a Christian;MADE HIM MY BOOK,WHEREIN MY SOUL RECORDED THE HISTORY OF ALL HER SECRET THOUGHTS..."///  SAME IDEA/SAME SHROUD IMAGRY---- AS SEEN IN THE DAYLIGHT,  QUITE  FAINTLY SEEN/  "...,THEY SPAKE NOT A WORD; BUT LIKE DUMB STATUES OR BREATHING STONES,gazed each on other,and looked deadly pale.,WHICH,WHEN I SAW ,I REPREHENDED THEM AND ASKED THE MAYOR WHAT MEANT THIS WILFUL SILENCE..."///   VERSE 97/ BUCKINGHAM,  CONTINUED---- "....TWO PROPS OF VIRTUE ,FOR A  CHRISTIAN PRINCE,to stay him from the fall of vanity:AND SEE ,A BOOK OF  PRAYER IN HIS HAND..."/ ///  act iv/i/45/ "....if thou wilt outstrip death,GO ACROSS THE SEA, (.........)....,from the reach of hell:GO ,HIE YE  FROM THIS SLAUGHTER -HOUSE ,LEST THOU  INCREASE THE NUMBER OF THE DEAD..."/ /////ACT 3/VII/ 155/..."...,IF ALL OBSTACLES WERE CUT AWAY AND that my path were even to the crown,as my  revenue and due ,by  birth;YET, SO MUCH IS MY POVERTY OF SPIRIT,SO MIGHTY AND SO MANY, MY DEFECTS ,AS I  HAS RATHER HIDE FROM MY GREATNESS(.....),THAT IN MY GREATNESS COVET TO BE HID, AND IN THE VAPOUR OF MY GLORY,SMOTHERED...."///////defects----ie- unevenness of enhanced imagry////////act 4/iv/enter queen margaret---"... SO,NOW PROSPERITY BEGINS TO MELLOW AND DROP INTO THE ROTTEN MOUTH OF DEATH(armor-centered over the unrisen body--bared teeth thereof).HERE,IN THESE CONFINES SLILY HAVE I LURKED....(.........).....MY UNBLOWN FLOWERS, NEW APPEARING SWEETS! .IF YET YOUR GENTILE SOULS FLY IN THE AIR,AND NOT FIXED IN DOOM PERPETUAL(unchanging image),AND HEAR YOUR MOTHER'S  LAMINTATION!(..........)SO MANY MISERIES HAVE CRAZED MY VOICE,THAT MY WOE WEARIED TONGUE IS MUTE AND DUMB. EDWARD PLANTAGENET,WHY ART THOU DEAD?(............._)PAYS A DYING DEBT.(moneys of burial)(.......)...AND THROW THEM IN THE ENTRAILS OF THE WOLF?"///IE----ARM OF THE EMEMY---ROME/////////   dutchess------"...blind sight,dead life,mortal living ghost,woe's scene,world's shame(crusifiction)GRAVE'S DUE BY LIFE USURPED,BRIEF ABSTRACT AND RECORD OF TEDIOUS DAYS(>>>>>>>>)...UNLAWFULLY MADE DRUNK WITH INNOCENT'S BLOOD!  "///////ACT 4/IV/50/ "....CREPT A HELL-HOUND THAT DOTH HUNT US ALL TO DEATH:(......)....THAT FOUL DEFACER OF  GOD'S HANDIWORK,THAT EXCELLENT,GRAND,TYRANT OF THE EARTH,THAT REIGNS IN GALLED EYES OF WEEEPING SOULS,THY WOMB LET LOOSE ,TO  CHASE US TO OUR  GRAVES----O UPRIGHT ,JUST,AND TRUE-DISPOSING GOD,..."////of the proceeding:    war masks of Rome////   //// "......EARTH GAPES,HELL BURNS,FIENDS ROAR ,SAINTS PRAY,TO HAVE HIM SUDDENLY CONVEYED AWAY...."///// VERSE 225/ "....NO DOUBT ,THE MURDEROUS KNIFE WAS DULL AND BLUNT,TILL IT WAS WHETTED ON THY STONE-HARD HEART..."//////   VERSE 205/ "....CORRUPT HER MANNERS,STAIN HER BEAUTY; SLANDER MYSELF AS FALSE TO EDWARD'S BED;THROW OVER HER THE VEIL OF INFAMY: so she may live unscarred of bleeding slaughter(......)wrong not her birth,she is of royal blood."///a long time secret of the royals=that they believed they ,in part were the  blood-line of the resurrected Christ----ie,that  he moved to Gall....with a wife////;a few books on topic;one is HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL....OR VICE VERSA////// verse  190// "....perish and never look upon my face again,THEREFORE ,TAKE WITH THEE MY MOST HEAVY CURSE; WHICH IN THE DAY OF BATTLE ,TIRE THEE MORE THAN ALL THE COMPLETE ARMOUR THAT THOU WEAR'ST."///again-face  covered in coinage/armor---yet enabled thereby////////   verse 320/ "...;put in her tender heart,the aspiring flame of golden sovereignty;...."///v.364/ "....your reasons are too shallow and too quick( SAYS Richard).../replies Elizabeth..."...O' NO,MY REASONS ARE TOO DEEP AND DEAD; TOO DEEP AND DEAD,POOR INFANTS,IN THEIR GRAVE"// "...HARP ON IT  STILL SHALL I ,TILL HEART-STRINGS BREAK."///  ACT 5/SCENE II/15/ "...IN GOD'S NAME ,CHEERLY ON, COURAGEOUS FRIENDS,......TO REAP THE HARVEST OF PERPETUAL PEACE,BY THIS ONE BLOODY TRIAL OF SHARP WAR."///IE---CRUSIFICTION////////  ..."...trial of sharp war."/(oxford)"...every man's conscience(CHRIST) is l000(......),to fight against that bloody homiside..."----coin-covering///  ////////  5/iii/65---"....;bid him bring his power before sunrising,lest  his son,George fall into the blind cave of eternal night,"//// act 5/iii/210/  "...;YOUR FRIENDS ARE UP, AND BUCKLE ON THEIR ARMOUR. (......),I HAVE DREAMED A FEARFUL DREAM! WHAT THINKEST THOU...."////verse 299/ ".... whose   puissance on either side shall be well winged ,with our chiefest horse. THIS AND SAINT GEORGE TO  BOOT! WHAT THINKEST THOU ,NORFORK."///"....WE WILL FOLLOW  IN THE MAIN BATTLE(THE RESERRECTION).....,WHOSE PUISSANCE ON EITHER SIDE..."/IE---ACCUSSERS,THE ACCUSED////THE  PROJECTED RAYS<aura// OF  SELFIMAGE,VS. REFLECTIVE COVERINGS//////SAINT GEORGE....EXITING THE BATTLE WITH THE ENSCALED  BEAST OF LEGEND---,DEAD---/// COMPARE THE FOLLOWING ,WITH THE  ATTITUDE OF ROME,TOWARDS PROVINCES...----v.320--"....remember whom you are to cope withal; A SORT OF VAGABONDS,RASCALS,AND RUNAWAYS,A SCUM OF BRETONS,AND BASE LACKEY PEASANTS,WHOM THEIR OVER-CLOYED COUNTRY VOMITS FORTH ....TO DESPERATE VENTURES AND ASSURED DESTUCTION..."/MIGHT I ADD ,THAT I AM PART BRIT,....mostly  Norwegian/Swedish/...and Scot////   act 5-scene 5/17    " heaven upon this fair conjunction,THAT LONG HAVE FROWNED UPON THEIR ENMITY!"/// "....,IF THY WILL BE SO ,enrich the time to come with smooth faced peace..."/    ///////T H E    C O M E D Y     O F    E R R O R S----////written...about 1590ad// an unrelated idea---of the idea of time/ of vishnu--- and other gods---and of some note--- ,the keepers of the Roman house of time..... janes/and ---jambres(spelling---///   IT WAS A TWO -FACED  GOD....THAT WAS ENCLOSED IN A LOCKED BUILDING.....;during times of war,THIS TEMPLE WAS OPENED,THUS SHOWING THAT THE ordinary passage of time was thought to be in obeyance ;till  peace was re-established;and thus, the faces of these  gods---facing forward....and backward////////// Vishnu was depicted with  upwards of 8  faces...////scene 2/ i/10// "....,is your merry humour altered? AS YOU LOVE STROKES,SO JEST WITH ME AGAIN, YOU KNOW NO CENTAUR? YOU RECIEVED NO GOLD?(.........) house was at the Phoenix..."//////statements by  Adriana/ act 2/ii/138-178/ "....and live on thy confusion.../   "....I AM POSSESSED WITH AN ADULTERATE BLOT;my blood is mingled with the crime of lust:for, if  we two be one ,and thou play false, I DO DIGEST THE POISON OF THY FLESH..."///I am censoring the commentary on the proceeding....except  to point out that  Some Indian tribes....//As I have stated....,the Shroud image is of the un-risen savior....;perhaps it  points to the quickening of the dead...,yet, the  tomb is still occupied/ the strong poison may be literal...or only speaks to the  imagry of war,as part of the imagry of war's  results---trauma////  As to the Hindu texts....that come to mind---again---I feel compelled   to speak less than my mind....due to the --;I have read that the end of the Bhuddha was due to a SWITCHED....meal of  mushrooms---- a strong poison///////////// survival of Christ....suprising even himself----/act 3/ii/140-160/ "....of such enchanting presence and discourse, hath almost made me traitor to myself: but, lest  myself be GUILTY TO SELF-WRONG, I'LL STOP MINE EARS AGAINST THE MERMAID'S SONG."//----"....and I think,if my breast had not been made of faith ,and my heart of steel, she had transformed me to a curtal dog ,and made me turn in the wheel..."////  act 4/ 2/--5/ "....what observation madest thou ,in this case of his heart's meteors tilting in his face?// FIRST HE DENIED YOU HAD IN HIM NO RIGHT.// HE MEANT HE DID ME NONE ;THE MORE MY SPITE.// THEN HE SWORE HE THAT HE WAS A STRANGER HERE."/// ACT 4/II/35---"....HOW HAST THOU LOST THY BREATH?//BY RUNNING FAST// WHERE IS THY MASTER ,DROMIO?IS HE WELL?//  NO, HE'S IN  TARTAR LIMBO,WORSE THAN HELL A DEVIL IN AN EVERLASTING GARMENT HATH HIM; ONE WHOSE HARD HEART IS BUTTONED UP WITH STEEL(..........)....a hound that runs counter,and yet draws dry-foot well;ONE THAT.....BEFORE THE JUDGEMENT,CARRIES POOR  SOULS TO HELL."/// idea of the long lived shroud---it's origins and reality, then,as now----in doubt///the contrary hound is the Roman military---origin known-- suckled by a she wolf////act 5/i/ 295/ "....why look you strange on me?you know me well.///I NEVER SAW YOU IN MY LIFE ,TILL NOW./// O, GRIEF HATH CHANGED ME SINCE YOU SAW ME LAST,AND CAREFUL HOURS WITH TIME'S DEFORMED HAND,have written strange defeatures in my face:..."///  deformed,enhanced imagry///// act 5/i/400/  "...33-years have I but gone  in trevail,(.........).....and until  this present hour,my heavy burthen....never delivered..."/// tomb coverings---eternally-in part of self/ and visage////////
verse 331/  "...or do my eyes decieve me. // ONE OF THESE MEN IS GENIUS TO THE OTHER;AND SO OF THESE.WHICH IS THE NATURAL MAN, AND WHICH THE SPIRIT?---who deciphers them?"////// play of  T I T U S   A N D R O N I C U S ..../////////ENTER AARON /act 2/i/i---  " of thunder's crack or lightning flash,advanced above pale envy's threatening reach.--"/
act 2/iii/70-80/ "....doth make your honour of his body's hue,spotted,detested,and abominable.(..........)....,dismounted from your snow-white goodly steed,and wandered  hither and thither to an obscure plot,accompanied but with a barbarous Moor,...."//////2/iii/230/ "....all on a heap, like to a slaughtered lamb,in this detested ,dark ,blood-drinking pit.///IF IT BE DARK ,HOW DOST THOU KNOW TIS HE?//(......._....THAT LIGHTENS ALL THE HOLE ,WHICH, LIKE A TAPER IN SOME MONUMENT,DOTH SHINE UPON THE DEAD MAN'S EARTHLY CHEEKS,AND   SHOWS THE RAGGED ENTRAILS OF THE PIT:(........)...OUT OF THIS FELL DEVOURING RECEPT-
ACLE , AS HATEFUL AS COCYTUS' MISTY MOUTH."////imaged--via reserrection's light--- ////////// act 3/i/230/  "...;then must my earth,with her continual tears ,become a deluge ,overflowed and drowned:FOR WHY MY BOWELS CANNOT HIDE HER WOES..."///v.275/ "....come, let me see what task I have to do. YOU HEAVY PEOPLE, CIRCLE ME ABOUT..."////

    quoting Titus//   3/ii/4-20/..."....,UNKNIT THAT SORROW-WREATHEN KNOT:(........)...AND CANNOT PASSIONATE OUR TENFOLD GRIEF WITH FOLDED ARMS.(.......)....MY HEART, ALL MAD WITH MISERY,BEATS IN THIS HOLLOW PRISON OF MY FLESHthen thus, I thump it down , thou map of woe...."////   quoting Marcus----v.79/  "....grief has so wrought on him, HE TAKES FALSE SHADOWS  FOR TRUE SUBSTANCES."///VERSE 65/  "....A DEVIL// WHY,THEN -----SHE IS THE DEVIL'S DAM;A JOYFUL ISSUE ///  A JOYLESS,DISMAL, BLACK AND SORROWFUL ISSUE:here is the(........)....,as loathsome as a toad....(.......)...bids thee ,christen it with thy dagger's point."////unexpected results of 3d-Shroud  constructs;those unhappy with the unhuman results---tried as they  humanize  the data/////
and again.....Rome....of Romulus.....of the wolf-pack/'s armor of terror/ "....v.80/   "...and  therein ,hellish dog,thou hast undone her.*----WOE TO HER CHANCE, AND DAMNED HER LOATHED CHOICE! ACCURSED ,THE OFFSPRING OF SO FOUL A FIEND!/IT SHALL NOT LIVE/ IT SHALL NOT  DIE. "/////   *---Eve's seed---,woman's seed-Jesus---,of no earthly father//// act v...of Titus Andronicus---/"....i/ 40-50/ "....,WHITHER WOULDST THOU CONVEY THIS GROWING IMAGE  OF THY FIEND LIKE FACE? WHY DOST (THOU) NOT SPEAK!---(......)...a halter ----soldiers! hang him on a tree, and by his side,his fruit of bastardy. /TOUCH NOT THE BOY; HE IS OF ROYAL BLOOD."////idea of mixed imagry----armors,sword, and wounded Christ///  concerning a face---deformed ///verse 20/ "....witness these trenches(wrinkles,rows of  scales),MADE BY GRIEF AND CARE; WITNESS THE TIRING DAY AND HEAVY NIGHT;WITNESS ALL SORROW,THAT I KNOW  THEE WELL...."////VERSE 30-40/ "....COME DOWN (STUDY OF ARMORS  UPON TORSO)AND WELCOME METO THISWORLD'S LIGHT,CONFER WITH  ME....(.....)...BUT I WILL FIND THEM OUT ,AND IN THEIR EARS ,TELL THEM MY DREADFUL NAME,...."//// note---Jerusalem was shortly  burned...,rebels were scattered/ act 5/iii/ 130/ "....,all headloing ,CAST US DOWN, AND ON THE RAGGED STONES ,BEAT FORTH OUR BRAINS AND MAKE A  MUTUAL CLOSURE ....OF OUR HOUSE."///two in one---, mixed images//bloody stones of ROME//   quoting Lucius/v.150/ "....,to heal Rome's harms and wipe away her woe!(.....)....nature puts me to a heavy task;stand all aloof...."///   T H E   T A M I N G    O F    T H E   S H R E W ----- story line  ,from the  mid-1500s/written within a decade of 1600ad///  intro--sceneii/15/ "....that a mighty man ,of such descent,of such possessions and so high esteme,should be infused with so foul a spirit!/ (......) //AM NOT I CHRISTOPHER SLY,(.......)....,by education ,a card maker..."///verse 130/ "...too much sadness hath congealed your blood,and melancholy  is the nurse of freenzy:THEREFORE THEY THOUGHT IT GOOD YOU HEAR A PLAY AND FRAME YOUR MIND  TO MIRTH AND MERRIMENT,WHICH BARS 1000 HARMS AND LENGTHENS LIFE."//// act 4/ii/57/..." tame a shrew and charm her chattering tongue./ (......)at last, I spied an ancient angel ,coming down the hill, will serve the turn./ WHAT IS HE ,BIONDELLO?////      act 5/ii/160-170/ " mind hath been as big as one as yours,my heart as great ,my reason ,haply more ,to bandy word for word, and frown for frown;but now, I see our lances are  but straws,our strength,as weak..."///statement of Katharina////       verse 142/ " like a fountain trobled, muddy ,ill-seeming ,thick,bereft of beauty;AND WHILE IT IS SO,NONE SO DRY OR THIRSTY,WILL DEIGN TO SIP OR TOUCH ONE DROP OF IT...."//// T H E    T W O    G E N T L E M E N    O F   V E R O N A ----    origins of story/Spain/   //////////   act one/i/ "....if it please you ,take it for your labour: abd so, good morrow,servent./ O JEST UNSEEN,INSCRUTABLE ,INVISIBLE,AS  THE NOSE ON A MAN'S FACE ,OR A WEATHERCOCK ON A STEEPLE!..."////SCENE IV/  "....WHOSE HIGH, IMPERIOUS THOUGHTS HAVE PUNISHED ME WITH BITTER FASTS ,WITH PENITENTIAL GROWNS ,WITH MIGHTY TEARS ,AND(......)....HATH CHASED SLEEP FROM MY ENTHRALLED EYES,AND MADE THEM WATCHERS OF MINE OWN HEART'S SORROW."////SAID  PROTEUS----"....NOW, MY LOVE IS THAWED; WHICH LIKE A WAXEN IMAGE ,AGAINST A FIRE, ME THINKS MY ZEAL TO VALENTINE IS COLD, AND I LOVE HIM NOT AS I WAS WONT.(>>>>>>)...AND THAT HATH DAZZLED MY REASON'S LIGHT;..."////act III/..."...I RATHER CHOSE TO CROSS MY FRIEND IN HIS INTENDED DRIFT.....THAN ,BY CONCEALING IT,HEAPS ON YOUUR HEAD A PACK OF SORROWS,WHICH WOULD PRESS YOU DOWN,BEING UNPREVENTED ,TO YOUR TIMELESS GRAVE."///reserrection---coverings thereof....were prevented---,cast off//////   "....,thou art Merop's son,--wilt thou aspire toi guide the heavenly car....,AND WITH THY DARING FOLLY, BURN THE WORLD? WILT THOU REACH STARS, BECAUSE THEY SHINE ON THEE? go base intruder...."/////SCENE ii/ "....FOR SHE IS LUMPISH,HEAVY, MELANCHOLY(......)....YOU MAY TEMPER HER BY  YOUR PERSUASION..."////4TH ACT/II/  "....;SHE EXCELS EACH MORTAL THING UPON THE DULL EARTH DWELLING:to her, let us garlands bring."/////  "....IF IT WERE A SUBSTANCE ,YOU WOULD  SURE DECEIVE IT AND MAKE IT BUT A SHADOW ,AS I AM.//I AM VERY LOATH TO BE YOUR IDOL,SIR;....but ,since your falsehood shall become you well ,to worship shadows and adore false shapes,..."////scene iv// "....but, since she did neglect her looking-glass , and threw her sun-expelling mask away, the air hath starved the roses of her cheeks,(>>>>>) become as black as I."///cast off mask/...revival//revelation of  coverings//   ".....that he respects in her , but  I CAN MAKE RESPECTIVE IN MYSELF, IF THIS FOND LOVE WERE NOT A BLIND GOD?----come ,shadow,come  and take this shadow up..."////  act 5--iv//said Julia/" thou ashamed that I have took upon me such an immodest raiment ,if shame live in a disguise of love .IT THE LESSER BLOT,MODESTY  FINDS ,WOMAN TO CHANGE THEIR SHAPES ,THAN MEN THEIR MINDS."//shroud imagry----of a nude male---unchanged,save for  slight fire damage to  arms////   /////     L O V E ' S    L A O U R ' S    L O S T -----   ////  written,,,,about 1590ad//   opening line/ images of rome / "....LET FAME ,THAT ALL HUNT AFTER IN THEIR LIVES, LIVE REGISTERED UPON OUR BRAZEN TOMBS..."//"....may buy that honour which  shall bate his scythe's keen edge(armor of coins)and make us heirs  of all eternity,...."///reserection/shroud's survival//   "....devouring time..."///look of  some of the armor//// act 4/ii/20/ "....twice-sod simplicity ,bis coctus! ---O THOU MONSTER IGNORANCE ,HOW DEFORMED DOST THOU LOOK!(.......) ;HE HATH NOT DRUNK INK ;HIS INTELLECT IS NOT REPLENTISHED..."///4/III/ "....AS DOTH THY FACE ,THROUGH TEARS OF MINE ,GIVE LIGHT..."///SAID NATHANIEL/ ACT V/I/"...;PLEASANT ,WITHOUT SCURRILITY ;WITTY ,WITHOUT AFFECTION ,audacious without impudency ,learned without opinion and strange ,without heresy."///in the eyes of  the local govt., Christ was only an oddity....,not worthy to  be singled out and  killed---to the priesthood and the Sarahedrin,...he was the enemy ,incarnate/////   act 5/ii/475/ "....;die when you will ,a smock shall be your shroud,YOU LEER UPON ME,DO YOU:THERE'S AN EYE THAT WOUNDS  LIKE A LEADEN SWORD..(.....)...WELCOME ,PURE WIT! THOU PART'ST A FAIR  FRAY."////ACT V/II/610/ "....A DEATH-HEAD, IN A RING (circle)/THE FACE OF AN OLD ROMAN COIN ,SCARCE SEEN(FACE OF jESUS--)..../ THE POMMEL OF CEASAR'S FALCHION./ THE  CARVED -BONE  FACE ,ON A FLASK/ SAINT GEORGE'S 1/2 CHEEK, IN A BROOCH/ AY,IN A BROOCH OF LEAD (>>>>>>>>>)....we have put thee IN countenance./ YOU HAVE PUT ME OUT OF  COUNTENACE."///enhanced shroud imagry/////avt 5/ ii/760-775/  ".....;formed by the eye,and therefore ,like the eye,FULL OF STRANGE SHAPES OF HABITS ,AND OF FORMS(........)....,in your heavenly eyes,HAVE MISBECOMED OUR OATHS AND GRAVITIES,THOSE HEAVENLY EYES, THAT LOOK INTO THESE FAULTS...."////THIS  DISTORTION//////       t h e    t r a g e d y   o f    R O M E O    A N D     J U L I E T-----/////story dates back to the mid-1400s///   written--about 1590ad// act one/i/170/ "....anything,of nothing first create!O HEAVY LIGHTNEESS!SERIOUS VANITY! MIS-SHAPPEN CHAOS OF WELL- SEEMING FORMS! FEATHER OF LEAD,BRIGHT SMOKE,COLD FIRE ,SICK HEALTH! STILL WAKING SLEEP,..."///photo process---first in history////  "....himself,so secret and so closee,so far from sounding and discovery, as is the bud bit with an envious worm..."///oppressive of of Empire///watching every step---"LEST YOU  SHOULD DASH YOUR  FOOT  AGAINST A STONE"////ACT ONE/IV/70/ ">...HER CHARIOT IS AN EMPTY HAZELNUT(>>>>>>>)and in this state ,she gallops ,night by night,through love's brains...."///brownish,one inch  circles....pulled  by(instead of  covering)....the  horses thereof)////"....drawn with a team of little atomies..."///act one/ii/70/ "....that I will show you shining at this feast,..."////:----"....rejoice in splendour of mine own."///idea of the  name/ of rome's coinage....rome----o----circle   ,being the coinage....seen over the face and body of Christ//// ROME-O /2/ii/160/ "...else,would I tear the cave where echo lies,and make her airy tonue more hourse than mine ,with the repetition of Romeo's name."////scene  three/----  "....if ye should lead her into a fool's paradise,as they say ,it were a very gross kind of behaviour,(.......)....HERE IS  FOR YOUR  PAINS ./ NO,TRUELY SIR ;NOT A PENNY."/////ACT 3/ II/47/..."...AND THAT BARE VOWEL 'I'  SHALL POISON MORE THAN THE  death-darting eye  of(the) cockatrice:I AM NOT I..."///verse 75/ "....O,SERPENT HEART,HID WITH A FLOWERING  FACE!DID EVER DRAGON KEEP SO FAIR  A CAVE?(........)so fairly bound? O,that deceit should dwell in such a gorgeous palace!"////3/3/20-35/ "....and turned that black word death banishment: this is dear mercy,and thou seest it not>"//// "....hence banished,is banished from the world,and world's exile is death:THEN  BANISHED IS DEATH MISTERMED...."/////SCENE 5/60/ "....AS ONE DEAD ,IUN THE BOTTOM OF A TOMB; EITHER MY EYESIGHT FAILS OR, THOU LOOKEST PALE.//AND TRUST ME, LOVE, IN MY EYES ,SO DO YOU: dry sorrow drinks our blood. Adiew "//// friar laurance....act 4/i/105/  "...thy eyes windows fall,like death,when he shuts up the day of life' each part ,deprived of supple  government,shall ,STIFF AND STARK AND COLD ,APPEAR LIKE DEATH:(........)...AND THEN,AWAKE ,AS FROM A PLEASANT SLEEP."///about the time Christ spent in tomb////    act iv/iii/15/ "....I have a faint cold fear .....(that) thrills through my veins,that almost freezes up the heat of life:"://////////      scene iii/30/ " his shroud;where ,as they say, at some hours in the night spirits resort;...(........)....if I WAKE,SHALL I NOT BE DISTRAUGHT ,ENVIRONED WITH ALL THESE HIDIOUS FEARS?"/////SCENE V/65// "....CONFUSION'S CURE LIVES NOT IN THESE CONFUSIONS .HEAVEN AND YOURSELF HAD PART IN THIS FAIR MAID,NOW.....heaven hath all..."/////  act 5/  "....I DREAMT MY LADY CAME AND FOUND ME DEAD-------STRANGE DREAM,THAT GIVES A DEAD MAN LEAVE TO THINK!(.....)...I REVIVED ,AND WAS AN EMPEROR,AH ME!HOW SWEET IS LOVE ITSELF POSSESSED ,WHEN BUT LOVE'S SHADOWS ARE SO RICH IN JOY!"///
///ACT 5/III/45/   "....THUS, I ENFORCE THY ROTTEN JAWS TO OPEN..."/" opens tomb/////  verses80-105/   "....and that the lean, abhorred monster, keeps thee here in dark,to be his paramour?"////"...and death's pale flag is not advanced there.Tybalt,liest thou  there ,in thy bloody sheet?"////"....slaughtered youth;for here lies Juliet,and her beauty makes this vault A FEASTING PRESENCE,FULL OF LIGHT..."/ Christ's firey revival,after the passover/////    T H E    T R A G E D Y    O F    K I N G    R I C H A R D   II  ------- ///////  act one/i/14/   "...;face to face,and frowning brow to brow ,ourselves will hear the accuser and the accused freely speak:(......) rage ,deaf as the sea, hasty as fire."////// crusifiction/verse 171/  " dark dishonour's use thou shalt not have.I AM DISGRACED ,IMPEACHED  AND BAFFLED HERE; PIERCED TO THE SOUL WITH SLANDER'S VENOM'D SPEAR..."///scene ii/20/ "....that  metal, that  self-mould, that fashioned theee,....made  him a man; and through  thou livest and breathest,yet art thou slain in him...."//// selfimage///////////scene iii/ 12/  "....IN GOD'S NAME AND THE KING'S ,SAY WHO THOU ART ,AND WHY COMEST THUS ....KNIGHTLY CLAD IN ARMS,AGAINST WHAT MAN THOU COMEST,AND WHAT THY QUARREL(.......)...;as so defend thee heaven and thy valour!"///look of Shroud imagry....standing at thr door....armed with a Roman  sword....armor/ scene iii/85/  "....never did captive  with a freer heart ,cast off his chains of bondage..."...v91//"....FAREWELL ,MY LORD: SECURELY I ESPY VIRTUE WITH VALOUR COUCHED IN THINE EYE,ORDER THE TRIAL,MARSHAL,AND BEGIN..."////GUILT OF THE MILITARY ---IN WHIPPING ,DEATH OF CHRIST>>>>>>----ACT ONE/III/194/ "....,BEAR NOT ALONG ,THE CLOGGING BURTHEN(burden) of a  guilty soul."////v.230 / "...thou canst help time to furrow me with age ,but  stop no wrinkle in his pilgrimage;..."///act 2/ii/-25/  "... to lay aside life-harming heaviness, ..."/  "....why should I welcome such a guest as grief..."/// "...methinks some unborn sorrow ,ripe in  fortune's womb, is
COMING TOWARDS ME  AND MY INWARD SOUL(.......)...AT SOMETHING ,IT GRIEVES..."///said Bushy---'...perspectives,which ,rightly gazed upon ,show nothing but confusion----eyed awry,distingushing form(.....) find shapes of  grief,more than himself ,to wail;..."///as one enters a  dark room, forms are unclear; with a  light  on....they  become even familiar//example, northern lights....; finally, in the 1970 and  1980s....seen, a halo ,of firey the  edges of space//////act iv/i/275/   " deeper wrinkles yet?hath sorrow struck so many blows upon this face of mine,and made no deeper wounds?(>>>......) the sun ,did (this face) make beholders wink?(......)...a brittle glory shineth in this face;..."/////" soon ,my sorrow hath destroyed my face.THE SHADOW OF YOUR SORROW ,HATH DESTROYED THE SHADOW OF YOUR FACE."//said richard---   "...say that again. THE SHADOW OF MY SORROW! HA! LET'S SEE:.....(.....)...UNSEEN GRIEF, THAT SWELLS  WITH SILENCE IN THE TORTURED SOUL."///ACT 3/III/97
 ".....CHANGE THE COMPLEXION OF HER MAID PALE PEACE TO SCARLET INDIGNATION,..."///ACT 3/II/160  ".....KEEPS Death, his court ,and there ,the antic sits(>>>>>.....) if this flesh which walls about our life  were brass impregnable..."/  verse 135/ "....would they make peace? TERRIBLE HELL,MAKE WAR UPON THEIR SPOTTED SOULS ,FOR THIS OFFENCE!"////cast of  brasses / "...and myself ,rescued the Black Prince, that young Mars of men from forth the ranks of many thousand French,..."/// act2/ii/70-80/ "....I WILL DISPAIR AND BE AT ENMITY WITH COZENING HOPE:he is a flatterer, a parasite ,a keeper back of death,who  gently would dissolve the bands of life,...(........).....//HERE COMES THE DUKE OF YORK// WITH SIGNS OF WAR ABOUT  HIS AGED NECK;....."///// A    M I D S U M M E R  -  N I G H T ' S    D R E A M   -------///////act one/i/140/  "...war ,death  or sickness  did lay seige to it ,making  it as momentany as a sound,swift as a shadow, short as any dream; brief as lightning...(.......)....and  ere a man hath power to say ,BEHOLD, THE JAWS OF DARKNESS DO DEVOUR IT UP,so quick ,bright things come to confusion."/////scene ii/30/ " make all split. THE RAGING ROCKS AND SHIVERING SHOCKS ,SHALL BREAK THE LOCKS OF PRISON-GATES;and phibbus' car ,shall shine from far..."//ufos-oft and about quake zones----as if interested therein//act 2/i/29/ squared....coin slugs// ."/" fountain clear ,orSPANGLED STARLIGHT SHEEN, BUT THEY DO SQUARE ,THAT ALL THEIR ELVES FOR FEAR ,creap into acorn cups.....and hide them there "//// ACT 2/II/30//  "....IN THY EYE ,THAT SHALL APPEAR,WHEN THOU WAKEST ,IT IS THY DEAR:WAKE WHEN SOME VILE THING IS NEAR."////said Hermia/ verse 126//" me! DO THY BEST TO PLUCK THIS CRAWLING SERPENT FROM MY BREAST!AY, me ,for pity ! ---what a dream was here! "////cast off coverings/////////act 3/ii/"....which she must dote on in extremity.//enter puck//(......).....MY MISTRESS ,WITH A MONSTER ,IS IN LOVE(.....)....while she was in her dull and sleeping hour,a crew of patches...."/// says lysander/3/ii/260/  "....,thou burr!-vile thing,let loose,or ,I WILL SHAKE THEE FROM ME ,LIKE A SERPENT!"///// SHROUD-TWO IMAGES IN ONE----JOINED AT THE  HEAD--  "....BOTH WARBLING OF ONE SONG ....BOTH IN ONE KEY ;(........)....LIKE A DOUBLE CHERRY,SEEMING PARTED BUT YET AN UNION ,IN PARTITION;....(....)....two of the first,like coats in heraldry..."/  act 4/i/ 60/ :....I THEN DID ASK OF HER ,HER CHANGELING CHILD ;WHICH STRAIGHT SHE GAVE ME(.......)....,I WILL UNDO THIS HATEFUL IMPERFECTION OF HER EYES:..."///   v.170  "...I HAVE HAD A MOST RARE VISION.I HAVE HAD A DREAM,PAST THE WIT OF MAN  TO SAY....."//// act  5/i/ 360-380/  "....everyone lets out his sprite ,in church-way paths to glide:anf we fairies ,that do run by the triple Hecate's team,from the presence of the sun...."/////The Life and-death of  king john/   lwritten-approx. 1595// ------speaks bastard/ act 2/i/450/ ".....that shakes (.......)....DEATH OUT OF  HIS RAGS! HERE'S A LARGE MOUTH ,INDEED,THAT SPITS FORTH  DEATH AND MOUNTAINS ,ROCKS AND SEAS..."////ACT 4/II/60/.."...IN THIS, THE ANTIQUE AND WELL NOTED FACE OF PLAIN OLD FORM----IS MUCH DISFIGURED;...."///says Arthur--in act-iv/i/53/.."....if heaven be pleased ,that you must use me ill,WHY THEN, YOU MUST WILL YOU PUT OUT MINE EYES? "///SCENE-II/110/ ..."....I  repent: there is no sure foundation ,set on blood,NO CERTAIN LIFE ACHIEVED BY OTHERS' DEATH."////    "....MY RAGE WAS BLIND, AND FOUL IMAGINARY EYES OF BLOOD PRESENTED THEE MORE HIDEOUS THAN THOU ART."//ARMOR COVERINGS/////SAYS BASTARD/ SCENE III/ACT FOUR/ 125  "....THOU ART MORE DEEP DAMNED THAN PRINCE LUCIFER:THERE IS NOT  SO UGLY A  FIEND OF HELL AS THOU SHALT BE,IF...."///"....1000 BUSNESSES ARE BRIEF IN  HAND (COIN SCALES) AND HEAVEN ITSELF DOTH FROWN UPON THE LAND."(darkness of the crusifiction)act 5/i/53/ "....the dauntless spirit of resolution,away,  and glister like the god of war..."/// v.70/ "....and flesh his spirit in a warlike soil,mocking the air...."////scene 3/   " fares your majesty?/ THIS FEVER ,THAT HATH TROBLED ME SO LONG,LIES HEAVY ON ME; o, my heart is  sick!"/enter a messenger////scene four/ "....,you are bought and sold ;UNTREAD THE RUDE EYE OF REBELLION AND WELCOME HOME AGAIN DISCARDED FAITH;SEEK OUT KING JOHN AND FALL BEFORE HIS FEET;...."///dying words of the king//   the tackle of my heart is cracked and burned and all the shrouds wherewith my life should sail ,are turned to one thread,one  little hair;(......)all this thou then seest is but a clod and module(coin-scales of Ceasar)....of confounded  royalty."////   T H E    M E R C H A N T    O F    V E N I C E  ----/////////   act 5/i/60/ " his motion ,like an angel sings ,still quiring to the  young-eyed cherubins; such harmony is in immortal souls ;but ,whilst this muddy vesture  of decay doth grossly close it in, we can not  hear it."////  coverings of the tomb---- muddy look of  tarished  bronze/////   first part of henry the 5th/....i/iii/110/ "....never did base and rotten policy colour her working with such deadly wounds:(.....)..and all,willingly...."///act 2/ scene 3/25/  " thick eyed musing and  cursed melancholy?(.....)...heard thee murmer tales of iron-wars; speak terms of manage to thy bounding steed..."////act 2/iv/161/ "....a plague of all cowards! LET THEM SPEAK:IF THEY SPEAK MORE OR LESS THAN TRUTH,THEY ARE VILLAINS,AND SONS OF DARKNESS."///ACT 3/I/215/  "....AND REST YOUR GENTILE HEADS UPON HER LAP.....,AND SHE WILL SING THE SONG THAT PLEASETH YOU,AND ON YOUR EYELIDS    ,crown the  god of sleep,charming your blood with  pleasing  heaviness,..."/// coins/scales---noted there-at///act 3/iii/70-80 "....,I HAVE HEARD THE PRINCE TELL HIM. I KNOW NOT HOW OFT ,THAT  THAT RING WAS COPPER/ (..........)...HOW DOTH THY HUSBAND? I LOVE HIM WELL ;he is an honest man."///verse 25-49//" thou amend thy face ,and I'll  amend my life;THOU ART OUR ADMIRAL(........)...KNIGHT OF THE BURNING LAMP..."//// ".....I NEVER SEE THY FACE BUT I THINK UPON HELL-FIRE(.....).....THOU  HAST SAVED ME 1000 MARKS IN LINKS ..."////BARDOLPH----".....,I WOULD MY FACE WERE IN YOUR BELLY!/ GOD -A- MERCY...."/////act five/ i/  " have deceived our trust, and made us doff our easy robes of peace,TO CRUSH OUR OLD LIMBS IN UNGENTILE STEEL.(.......)...WILL YOU AGAIN UNKNIT THIS  CHURLISH KNOT OF ALL ABHORRED WAR? AND  MOVE IN THAT OBEDIENT ORB AGAIN,WHERE  YOU DID GIVE A FAIR AND NATURAL LIGHT,...."////RESURRECTION---WITHIN THE THINGS OF WAR/////5/I/60/ "....WHEREBY,WE STAND OPPOSED BY SUCH MEANS AS YOU  YOURSELF HAVE FORGED AGAINST YOURSELF,BY UNKIND USAGE ,...DANGEROUS COUNTENANCE...."///ACT V/II/10/ "....AND FIND A TIME TO PUNISH THIS OFFENCE ,IN OTHER FAULTS:SUSPICION ,ALL OUR LIVES ,SHALL BE  STRUCK FULL OF EYES; for treason is but trusted like the fox,..."/////rebellion of adam---failure----////     2nd part of  the play of  king henry iv//// act one/i/ 65... "....I RAN FROM SHREWBURY ,MY LORD ;where hateful death put on his ugliest mask,to fright our  party./(......)....;and the whiteness in thy  cheek is apter than thy tongue ,to tell the errand."//v.120/ "... ; for from his metal ,was his party steeled; which,once in him abated ,all the rest turned on themselves,like dull and heavy lead:and as the thing that's heavy in itself...."//// verse 201/ "....this word rebellion ,it had froze them up , as fish in a pond,but  now ,THE BISHOP TURNS INSURRECTION TO RELIGION:...SUPPOSED SINCERE AND HOLY IN HIS THOUGHTS...."///VERY MUCH ....ACCUSATIONS LAID AT THE FEET ....AT TRIAL/// ACT 2/IV/ 330/ "....AND HIS FACE IS LUCIFER'S PRIVY KITCHEN ,WHERE  HE DOTH  NOTHING(......)...THERE IS A GOOD ANGEL ABOUT HIM(RESERRECTION);  but, the devil outbids him  too...."/////act 4/i/45/  ".....wherefore do you so ill translate  yourself out of the speech of peace  that bears such grace ,INTO THE HARSH AND BOISTEROUS TONGUE OF WAR;....TURNING YOUR BOOKS TO GRAVES ,YOUR INK TO BLOOD ,YOUR PENS TO LANCES ...."////SCENE II/ 13/ :....WOULD HE ABUSE THE COUNTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTENNNNNNNNNNNNNNANCE OF THE KING, ALACK ,WHAT MISCHIEFS MIGHT HE SET ABROACH IN  SHADOW OF SUCH GREATNESS,...."//// COMPARE WITH  GOSPELS=INFIGHTING  OF THE TWELVE/  "....HATH WROUGHT THE MURE,THAT SHOULD CONFINE IT IN,SO THIN ,THAT LIFE LOOKS THROUGH AND WILL BREAK OUT."/// IV/V/35  "....LIKE A RICH ARMOURR WORN IN THE HEAT OF DAY , THAT SCALDS WITH SAFETY , BY HIS  GATES OF  BREATH ,THERE LIES A DOWNY FEATHER ,WHICH STIRS NOT:...."////VERSE 104/ "....THOU HAST SEALED UP MY EXPECTATION :THY LIFE DID MANIFEST THOU LOVEDST ME NOT ,AND THOU  WILT  HAVE  ME DIE ,ASSURED OF IT. THOU HIDEST A THOUSAND DAGGERS IN THY THOUGHTS ,WHICH THOU  HAST WHETTED ON THY STONY HEART...."///DOUBTS EXPRESSED---AS  DID Christ ,on cross///    "he calleth for Elijah."////   " lungs are wasted so ,that strength of speech is utterly denied me."////act 5/v/25/  "...putting all affairs in oblivion ,as if there were nothing else...."///line 55-65/ "....being awaked ,I DO DESPISE MY DREAM ,MAKE LESS THY BODY HENCE ,AND MORE THY GRACE; leave gormandizing ;know the grave doth gape for thee thrice wider ,than for other men. reply not to me with  a fool born jest."////   T H E    L I F E     O F     K I N G     H E N R Y   V  -----////////period of stoty---early 1400s///   intro/  "....piece out our imperfections with  your thoughts; into 1000 parts ,divide one man and make imaginary  puissance:...."/// act one/   " much as  would  maintain to the king's honour, full fifteen earls and fifteen hundred  knights,...."////2nd act/iv/100/ "....and to take mercy  on the poor souls for whom this hungry war, opens his vasty  jaws...."////act 3/iii/15/   "....what is it then to me ,if impious war ,arrayed in flames ,like  the prience of fiends ,(.....)all fell feats ,enlinked to waste and destruction?"/// armors of roman army////   act 3/vii/10/ ".....,you talk of horse and armour?/ YOU ARE AS WELL PROVIDED FOR ,OF BOTH ,AS ANY PRINCE IN THE WORLD."//// ACT 4/I/12/   "....FOR OUR BAD NEIGHBOUR MAKES US EARLY RISERS(........)...BESIDES...., THEY ARE OUR OUTWARD CONSCIENCES,...."//ARMOR OF ROME---  COVERING IN TOMB///    "....AND PREACHERS TO US ALL(.......)....AND MAKE A MORAL OF THE DEVIL HIMSELF."///SAME IDEA////     ACT FIVE/II/290/   "...,I CAN NOT SO  CONJURE UP THE SPIRIT OF LOVE IN HER ,THAT HE WILL APPEAR IN HIS TRUE LIKENESS(......)----A HARD CONDITION FOR A MAID TO CONSIGN TO."//  /  "....they are then excused ,my lord,when they see not what they do.(.....)....; for they  are all girdled with  maiden walls ,that war hath never entered." M U C H
A D O     A B O U T    N O T H I N G -----//    act 2/ iii/137/ "....tore the letter into 1000 1/2-pence; railed at herself ,that she could be so immodest...."/line 190 / ".....sentences and these paper bullets of the brain awe a man from the career ,of his humour?----no,the world must be peopled."/////////act 5/iii/10/ "....and groan.....heavily, heavily :GRAVES ,YAWN,AND YIELD  YOUR DEAD,TILL DEATH BE UTTERED, HEAVILY,HEAVILY...."/// TRAGEDY OF JULIUS CEASAR//-------ACT 1/II/55/ "....;FOR THE EYE SEES NOT ITSELF BUT BY REFLECTION,BY SOME OTHER THINGS.(CASSIUS)  'TIS JUST :(.....)...THAT YOU HAVE NO SUCH  MIRRORS AS WILL TURN YOUR HIDDEN WORTHINESS  INTO YOUR EYE,THAT  YOU MIGHT SEE YOUR SHADOW..."///" by reflection ,I ,YOUR GLASS WILL MODESTLY DISCOVER TO YOURSELF ,THAT OF YOURSELF,WHICH YOU YET KNOW NOT OF."///SHROUD IMAGRY---CEASAR'S IMAGE.....CAST OVER tomb.....and shortly---- cast back off/line 140/ "....,walk under his huge legs ,and peep about ,to find ourselves dishonourable graves. men at some time, a r e ....masters of their fates;----the fault , dear Brutus ,is not in our stars(..........)....write them together ,yours is as fair a name;(.....)....upon what meat doth this  our Ceasar feed, that he is grown so great?"/////this is fairly  clear--- is he a drug user?---,sees he as we or no?////////firey shroud image/ iii/50/"....bared my bosom to the thunderstone;the beast of heaven ,I DID PRESENT MYSELF EVEN IN THE AIR AND THE  VERY FLASH OF IT."///"....TO MONSTROUS QUALITY ,WHY,you shall find that heaven hath infused them with these spirits,to make them instruments of fear and warning...."///line 110 / "....what trash is Rome, what rubbish and what offal ,WHEN IT SERVES FOR THE BASE MATTER ,TO ILLUMINATE SO VILE A THING AS CEASAR....."////ELEMENTS OF THE RESURRECTION/ ---IE...."...WHERETO THE CLIMBER ,UPWARD TURNS  HIS FACE;BUT, WHEN  HE ONCE ATTAINS THE UPMOST ROUND ,HE THEN  ,UNTO THE LADDER ,TURNS HIS BACK, LOOKS TO THE CLOUDS ,SCORNING THE BASE DEGREES BY WHICH HE DID ASCEND:SO CEASAR MAY(......)....,therefore, think him as a serpent's egg....(/.....)....and kill him in the shell."////2/i/50/ "....awake,and see thyself. shall Rome  ,and c. ----speak ,redress."////line 75/  "....where wilt thou find a cavern dark enough to mask thy monstrous visage?seek none ,conspiracy ; HIDE IT IN SMILES AND AFFABILITY."////compare the fOllowing with the feelings of the Jerusalem// act 2/i/160/   "....we shall find  him a shrewd contriver; and you know his  means , if he inprove them ,may well streach so far as to annoy us all...."///john beheaded/ Christ ...framed//   line 320/ "....,I HERE DISCARD MY SICKNESS! SOUL OD ROME!(.....) thou,like an exorcist ,hast conjured up my mortified spirit,now, bid me run  and  I WILL STRIVE WITH THINGS IMPOSSIBLE,YEA,GET THE BETTER OF THEM."///   ACT 2/II/20/ "...FIERCE FIERY WARRIORS FIGHT UPON THE CLOUDS  IN RANKS AND SQUADRONS (.....)   AND DRIZZLED BLOOD UPON  THE CAPITAL; (.....)AND GHOSTS DID SHRIEK...."///SCENE III/  "....MY HEART LAMENTS THAT VIRTUE CANNOT LIVE OUT OF THE TEETH OF EMULATION. IF THOU READ THIS,O CEASAR ,THOU MAYST LIVE;..."///"....the throng that follows Ceasar,at the heals , of Senators,of praetors ,common suitors ,will croud a feeble man....,almost to death;>>>"//act 3/i/274/ "....let slip the dogs of war ; THAT THIS FOUL DEED SHALL SMELL ABOVE THE EARTH WITH CARRION MEN ,GROANING FOR BURIAL./YOU SERVE OCTAVIUS CEASAR ,DO YOU NOT?/ I DO..."///act iv/iii/270//compare with ending of  film....Forbidden Planet/ ---it's monsters of the id///of the Roman armors....cast over Jesus//--"...I THINK IT IS THE WEAKNESS OF MINE EYES THAT SHAPES THIS MONSTOUS APPARITION ,IT COMES UPON ME. (....)...some angel, some devil, that makest my blood  cold  and my hair to stare(FIREY AURA>>>---"//  "...what  thou art./ THY EVIL SPIRIT,BRUTUS."///close of play/  "...hold then my sword ,and turn away thy face , while I  do run upon it . Wilt thou, Strato?..."////  as you like it/ a play-/  act iii/ii/301/ "...tine travels in divers paces with divers persons .(....) TIME TROTS WITHAL WHO TIME GALLOPS WITHAL ,AND  HE STANDS STILL WITHAL."//line 345/ "...;THEY WERE ALL LIKE ONE ANOTHER AS 1/2 -PENCE ARE,EVERY ONE FAULT SEEMING MONSTROUS ,TILL HIS FELLOW-FAULT COME TO MATCH IT."///  THE 12TH NIGHT/....ACT ONE /v/235/ " will endure wind and weather. //'TIS  BEAUTY ,TRULY BLENT..(......)....:LADY ,YOU ARE THE CRUELLEST ----she  alive ,if you will lead  these graces to the grave ,and leave the  world no copy."///"...and every particle  and utensil....,labeled to my will..."///

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