text of   " N O   S C H I S M  "  ////    by waler h. johnon  1979 //   "....isaiah 42/23    "....shew the things that  are to come hereafter ,that we may know that ye are gods ; do good ,or do evil ,that we may be  dismayed and behold it together."//      preface ///kjv./ nt/   "...as wise as serpents...."//   What and who determines what  constitutes a non-profit orginization?  The Tony  and Susan Alamo  Christian Foundation ,as of 1978 was still  non-profit ---in the eyes of the irs. //  I know this because of the letter -head   "....a non-profit Calif. Christian Organization..."// ,and by the postage rate --2.2 per envelope.                                                                                                                   There have been investigations by the fbi ,irs and state governments.  One investigation was requested by the U.F.W.   (united farm workers). They asserted that the Foundation was a contractor  ,and that  it was unfair ,because  our members worked for nothing.  Even though members recieved wages ,they were required ...to  "donate"....everything.  If this could be proven ,they...the ufw would have  a case in the contention that they were discriminated against in their standing with federal agencies---in competition  with  so called  "religious"   groups.../other  names in the mix    The Catholic Church and The Children of God  /                                                                There is no hard-and-fast standard  for determining what is religion  or what  is  non-profit. Part of it hinges on the idea of reinvestment of profits into stated mission goals of the orginization--be it tv broadcasts ,free food ,council ,evangelistic activity ,radio, whatever--/    The money does not need to be spread out  evenly  through-out any so =called organization.   Some  , certain % mustbe plowed back into  the group to carry on whatever mission it may have.. There are a number of groups that have prospered under these lose rules;such as  the Universal Life Church  and the Unififation Church. The case by the UFW  collapsed due  to lack of testimony. In the past one  investigation found the Billy Graham Crusade held stock in ITT.    Look back in time to the Catholic Church in Europe.. Cathedrals were built by labor ,donated by the faithful . The inquisition ,not only in Spain ,but much of Europe  ,was against property holders,...wresting their goods from them."//((a turn about...in small part .....was after wwii..., the comunists of this century...faces enemies-- among them   property holders...the church and the mafia ///                              The group headed by Jim Jones is simular to the Alamo Foundation in  a  number of ways :total commitment;   "GIVE YOUR ALL"      " GOD  LOVES A CHEERFUL GIVER "    "...the end is near! "     "the world is coming to an end"/.     "...anything that you call yourself is of the devil."/ fleeing the wicked California  ,Jones went to  south america  , the Alamos, to Arkansas .                                                                  Religion is getting to be a big busness."//    A  vision of hell by  Dante :  "THEY WHO OVERSAW THE TORMENTS.."---the demons of hell,orginized  into a sort of military orginization --with over-welming hopelessness --of no escape /.                                   "I felt that at times at the Foundation  ,partly because of the message...that things will  only get worse.   "DESTRUCTION COMETH!"////////       The truth is,the end may be near ,...an end of sorts./  Computers  have been used to give  odds on man's survival ,given past performance ;and the data given  didn't look that  hopeful!   Man seems intent on war every few decades. Fear of this is oft exploited by religious groups  to futher their goals    "...WHO,THROUGH FEAR OF DEATH ,WERE ALL THEIR LIFE SUBJECT TO BONDAGE."//                                                                  I was a part of a young  group that would pump to.....;hell is open and ready for all  who questioned  the leader's judgement .       As one brother said  "They'll say to move from some area ,and if you doubt and delay ,down comes fire from the sky and consumes them."//   This  was one way,verbally ,to keep  people..."on the path."/   /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////                                INTRODUCTION     ???           Tony and Susan Alamo say that they alone gave birth to the Charismatic Movement ,and that others  have tried to take credit for this..  "There was no one else out on the streets --no one!  ;no one to take the place of the lowlt Nazerine . All doors were closed  No one was out there to get out the Word. There was no place to get a bowl of soup."//    When  did it all begin, the same time the Viet Nam war started l965 -1968  //  Where was I?   In The Los Angeles School District...   sais Susan..,  "The  churches had failed God .  There were churches on every corner ,but they were empty."/                                                                                                            By  1972 ,I had two years in the  Army  behind me (one in Viet NaM and eight months in Canada as a deserter; I had been  shot at threatened with hatchet and knife,preached to ,arrested ,frozen ,ignored ,overdosed.//    I met  Dave Asky downtown L.A. one April  afternoon.I remember him ...in part  because at the time ,he was wearing  one earring--a one inch  gold cross.  His words to me :  "If you  don't change your attitude ,you'll end up in an  eternal hell. "//My reply,  "You take everything too seriously."/  Two weeks later ,I was on my knees ,asking Jesus to forgive my sins. I  became a member of the Tony and Susan Alamo  Christian Foundation and continued with  them until November , 1977.   I  donated nearly all my earnings to the  Foundation  to help  finance  getting out the word. I was particularly impressed with Susan Alamo .   In her own words to  us,..."I look good for a dead women."  (she has  terminal cancer affecting all of her vital organs).  When I  arrived at the Foundation six years ago ,the ministry was in a  complete state of re-organization ,moving up from Hollywood ,out  to the desert  area ,near a small town called Saugus .    !00s of lost  youths  were recieving food , clothing, shelter , and instruction;by 1973 ,the Television show started  and everything changed.                                                                                                                                        !975 came and  the doors were closed to new members ,though  daily services were still  held and free meals served. However, Tony and Susan had  by then  had left  California  for Arkansas  to begin their new church there ....in Alma. Many of  the original members left  with them ,leaving a nucleus of the original church still in Saugus,Acton,Hollywood, and the Bakersfield  area.  I REMAINED WITH THIS GROUP ....IN California  till  late 1977.                                                                    What I  includw in this text is non-fiction. I may not agree with all the opinions expressed.  It  just  happened ,  who ,what  where ,when.  No story line is intended .                  Asked  Susan  Alamo ,  "How do you know a true prophet of  God?  If what he says  comes to pass ,  he is of God."//    If Susan and Tony are true  ,1984 ....,most Americans will never live to see it."///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////      C H A P T E R    O N E  __   "....yeh, yeh ,it's the tax man "//         "...if you walk ,he'll tax the street."//    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     May,1948     television sweeps the usa ---Israel becomes a nation  //   technology  ,borg like ,invades  lives more and more   /  "...he had power to give liife unto the beast(techn.) ,that the image   of the beast   should both speak and...."///(viewing...mostly involves the lifelessness---stillness.....thoughtlessness....of the viewer....as it were  the slaying  of /// radio.....you  can be mobile /books... cause mental imagry  /   "....should both speak and cause that as many as would  not  worship.....should be slain."/// taken to it's extreme, technologic society  might  well kill off by poisoning it's own creator race----us /a dying world  as in many sci-fi stories , seeking to spread it's  eath....to un-infected solar systems // indeed, potentiually...a very  dead end of extinctions and polutants //                                                                                                                I lived in Napa,California  from 1955- 65 ,about 40 miles n/e of San Francisco. We moved to the Los Angeles when I finished the 9th grade. The year 1965 was notable for the Watts Riots...near where we moved....Westchester,Ca.//We moved in about a week after the worst of it.  Upon graduating  High School in  '68 ,  Iwent to Viet Nam as a n aircraft engine mechanic.///In 1970 , I deserted  the US Army  after two  years of service. I   when to Canada for a timeand continued ************ with ------ ----....I'll  just leave it at this...." yah,...I tried that" //   :yah....that to...############  more than I ############.."   ...usually...;never was an ******88888888888t -up / never  got closer to------ than  ==== ===========in Nam//  99999999 were big  where I was at.....// o0000000000also..../  Other00000000 that  were around.....cocaine, kief, grass, thi-stick,  beer,  cigerettes,  coffee......lsd, mushrooms,  and rat poison at times ;you just  never really  knew what was  what //        overall, I'd say grass is the worst destroyer of minds.....short of liquor itself....;it can  confuse and leave one very  depressed and disconnected.....longterm//today I drink little at all ,stopped smoking about 1981 //do little coffee  now days ,   no 88888888888888  years .....;  In 1971 I recieved a General Discharge fron the Army.../6 months later ,I was  a member of the Alamo Foundation../   And why write this story?   ;for the same reason Ezekiel wrote his.....to warn those  who will  take warning.   "Whether they will hear  ,or whether they will forbear,for they are most rebellious."//                                                                              At the age of  twelve (1962....the year of the  Cuba crisis)    I was  active in the  local Lutheran Church ..   I counted the money from each  Sunday's collection,keeping alert  for rare coin types and dates.At age 13 ,I was confirmed as a member of the Church.  ,after  some years of study,and months of Confermation Class; I became an acolyte.   I was given my own robe and lighter and was assigned to light and put out the candles of the alter....;another boy and I , we were required to  be silent and sit still for over an hour each  service  on our own special bench near the pulpit .                                                                                                                                         The early 1960s --Las Vegas-- Tony Alamo's personal testimony ,  " I was really going through the fire . God tells me to go up on the roof top.  So,... , no questions asked ,up I go---and up comes my landlord.----"What are you doing up there?"    ----my  reply,.."WHY  YOU WANT  TO KNOW...,WEASEL?"                                     might I just add that ,though this text is copywritted  and true, yet it is only my recall of events and statements /errors are  many no doubt and  there is no intent to present this  except for  what it is--- unedited  and a scatter-gun storyline // yet,I think ,that may be the  best  format  to leave it in....as recall is in truth....all over the map....as to any  timeline  ///    indeed,the present does not exist at all,only a  moving  line between futureandpast// quantum  mechanics  tells us that  psycic abilities word  because all things are fragmented parts of a higher reality...the 11 missing dimentions /////.................................................                                                                                 the early 1060s )  Tony and Sue got married three  times. They have a young Indian boy ....which they had adopted. Said Tony Alamo . :This boy told his vision to us---it was  of this big foot ....crushing everything ,nothing escaping ---everything being crushed."//  my  thought s  on this---technology....chasing nature to oblivion ;eventually, a scab of a world -city.....poisoning all and everything...//note==world's oceans are already....a shadow of it's former self//                      (1963)   my birthday party - may 13 ,friday  Thirteen friends came over to celebrate with me .  We go  bowling anf David Hill rolls a low score of 13 ./my age , thirteen.//                                                                                                                                                 (early 1960s)  Tony Alamo's personal testimony  :  "I didn't have much wisdom in the old days ,just lots of zeal. I'd go to the newspaper and tell them    "" If  you won't publish that Jesus is coming  back ,I'll kill you."//                                                                       (early 1960s) Nevada -- Tony's personal testimony:   "Susan and I had just finished praying to see some Ufo's  ,when a whole squadron came down on us ,so close that they almost ran us off the road ."  --- ".....ufos are celestrial beings sent to survey the earth for Jesus' return." /    "...God sends monsters to frighten people into repentance ,because of the  hardness of men's hearts."//                                                          (1962) june ,Napa,Ca./   I notice a formation of ufos in a very high speed v  - formation   ;they wer headed south at 1000s of miles  per /                                                              (1967)    thanksgiving weekend ,near Gorman on I-5;  my father is driving ;everyone is tailgating in  a heavy rain ./  I ask my father ,  "what  would you do if the car in front of you hit  it's breaks?"     "I'd hit mine  was his reply ."   I said , "You know the  laws of physics as well as I do ,this car  would never stop in time .  Do what you want with yourself ,just let me out , I'd rather walk."     I never  got out though ,10 minutes later ---SMASH------$!@)) damage in a  four car  mess . MY mother  ended up in the front seat ,my  knee crushed a heavy metal glovebox door (1968) ------talking to my "middle"  brother ...(5 years my elder )  while he drove  back down a twisting mnt. road...." What if a car came around one of these switch backs....              boom====CRASH ____ ,WE ARE HIT  BROADSIDE BY A VW_GIA....., a larger vehical might have taken us over the edge ;;;                                        (1963)   San Fransisco --Langley/Porter Mental Hospital //my oldest  brother is being held after a psychiatric break)  go   weekly  with the family to group therapy sessions. Everyone seemed to be tranquilizers,most are depressed and suicidal.  My own brother sees me  and doesn't even recognize me.                                                               (early 1960s---)Says Tony Alamo,  "Here was my little Susan (both Tony and Susan are Jewish)  preaching in this park ,to a group of stiff-necked  Jews. God was really coming down with his convicting spirit. Then, the devil (a possessed man) came running up.....,right to Sue and  me. I pointed at him and said ,"The Blood of Jesus is against you Satan!"----  At that moment ,a ballof fire left  my hand and struck him in the chest. It turned him around in mid-air and sent him the other way."//                (1966)  Driving my mother home ,heading douth om the  freeway near Venice,  I ask, " Do you see something off the coast ?  Looks like a tornado ,a big one."//                                                                                                                                                     (1967) a friend ,talking to me during lunch period at high school,"Did you know that the Egyptians predicted the end of the world, 1969 is the last  date mentioned."     //upon research,that finding comes from tomb or hallway messurements within the Great Pyramid;other dates  kicked around now are 2021ad/ 2012  or there abouts ///new ideas as to it's use  are as a trap for Zoel.... /a hidrogen gas seperator /a power plant / a trans-dymensional doorway //a marker on Orion ,the hunter's  belt , as a launch pad for the kah of the dying  //an anchor for tera ,to prevent orbital wobble or polar flip //                                                                                        (1966)                     a guest speaker at Westchester High School ,Los Angeles--  " A few years ago ,I traveled to Malasia---the British had been fighting Communist rebels there and had recieved reports concerning giant lizards---50' long,8'  tall .  ---- british troops eventually spotted some from helicopters."//note--this animal was once common in  n. aulstralia --a high speed hunter //crocs are a fraction of the size...at up to about 35' //                                                                                                                            (1960s)  a member of the Alamo  Foundation....talking to me of his  High school days ..// his name , Gordan Mcgregor//  "I  went to Scool in the Santa Barbera area. After doing some drugs ,I and a friend began seeing these extra-tetestrials; they were  very  very visible to me and over seven feet tall ,human loking ,wearing metallic clothing. They said they would like to take me away. A few  times ,on their instruction ,we would go up into the hills ---to their craft. Soon thereafter, I got involved with dating girls and forgot these friends of mine....,but...I never forgot!"// this and most other  quotes are,of course...approx.  omly---my abilities are  not inclusive of a photographic memory //                                                                        (1964) screen memory?/  dream--a a susquatch is chasing me down  I lock all the doors---crash! in it come through a largw window . It corners mee ,ten feet tall, no where to  run ,....so I ask ,"OK ,what do you want?"..... at that ,it goes crazy ,begins to tremble ,screams and leaps out a window."//                                                       ('68)    rialto ca/  at my  relitive's house ,sitting on a sofa with my female  cousin ,Chris  ;a hanging light begins to swing ---AN EARTHQUAKE!   :SAYS Chris,   "I saw the fault  line when we moved here. It  goes right through this area .   They just shovelled dirt into it  ,leveled it and started building."//this quate my be from  her Father...Frank Holm ///                                                                                                                    (68) nam /   my7777777777777   , I pass out and lay down .Then, minites later ,an ak-47  starts firing over our heads;alert sirons go off----I reacted sssssssssssss  oooooooooooo         ssss  lllllllll    oooooooooo    wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ----------- I tried to get to my  m16 and get to my alert station . like a  78 record going 33 rpm ;a thought  runs through my head ....THIS IS NOTHING BUT A COMMUNIST TRICK ,GET US &&&&&&&&&&& ,AND THEN KILL  US ALL." //                                                                                                                 Tony...talking of the early days of the Church/   " I was living in this shack with a dirt floor . The walls were covered with this wallpaper  printed with these  green snakes . To keep the wind out ,we had to stull paper in the  cracks." //                                     same period / daughter of  Susan has a vision concerning downtown LA   //     a terrible  earthquake ,people faling 100s of  ft.//police shooting looters  ;herself...watch from an ibvisible bubble...as it were---out of time //                                            (69) talking to a fellow--- in nam  // "about a year ago , I was rifing  my bike  down from Big Trees...near Yosemite . A friend of mine was  riding in back. We noticed a ufo.   ,which started playing tag with us....for miles....on this mnt. road."/                       (1970)...Don Wyley....a foundation brother //  "I was part of this lsd experiment ,I had taken massive doses ; props were used to see what my reactions would be I was really going out of my head ,  until I saw this piture  of Jesus(TURIN SHROUD)    .  At that moment I knew  he is the  Son of God; I was  completely straight ,it just brought me out of it ,...   ;just like that,I made peace with  God."/                                      (1969)   viet nam -Qui Nhon //   next  door to our company, a battalion of the  Korean Tiger Division. Many were black belts in Kung-fu. They did not walk in a straight line , but had to  swing side to side....they were so muscle bound ./ They all were just itching  to get some Cong to  practice on.  In Korea ,they  had to pull all their punches.                                                                                                                     nam--  I look up into the sky ---a speck in the sky.....1000s of ft. up   ,a ch47 Chinook is falling nearly straight down...;at the last possible instant ,the pillot pulls pitch on his blades and comes to to a bouncing halt. This approach method was thought to catch snipers....off guard...   Later that day ,I see another Chinook flying over the roofs of the town surrounding or base;onlt 20 ft. high...why?   to blow  them away---literally,...the buildings  just couldnt take it.                                                                   nam --- near main gate of Qui Nhon airfield---a prositute yelling out of a 2nd story window   "you f--------- lifers!! "/                                                                                         Toronto Canada ,1970     with a  friend from Geogia....calling quarters in the air--- we are very ----------  on --------------------     /   "Heads! "       flick-----light goes on ----   "..right again...,you'r getting  90% correct."       Later I am told of his mother being quite the psycic .    "She was able to tell people's future. It only brought her grief though ,she realized that her husband was going to die at a young age.   She was often afraid to tell friends the truth ."/                                                                                              (1970)  Winnipeg ,Manitoba     /    I am  walking cross town to a library to get  information so that %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%     and I seem to see double images ---the present and the future ;time had become  so flexible ,first what is ,and then  also,the desolation---twisted steel and concrete rubble ,grass growing over the ruins;wild animals feeding here and there , ;a milder clim ,birds singing---and then......flash,back to the now!   Christmas morning ---downtown,  -10 degreees f.///                                                                                   1971  /naimino ,bc/ vancouver isle  //  in a motel room ,rolling my tobacco forthe 8th time over;   THIS STUFF IS BEGINNING TO LOOK VERY EVIL."   I walk  down the main street looking for butts ;I see a smoke ....and pick it up .  Then I realize  that I am the victim of some very sick  joke,a tinker -toy stick ,wrapped in a zig-zag  paper.        ha!                                                                                                                       rochdale college  ,ontario /  ".....myself and two friends ,living  on the 12th  floor  ,in a room ,vacated by Brian Johnson;he had jumped out the window a month earlier;  I feel someone's hand  on my  right sholder  ....   no one's there  /                                         talking to Steve Mesimore/   "Steve ,do you see what I see?"     "And what is that ",says he ;    "Your  astral cord . I read about them some time ago ,and mine too ,SEE!"       from my navel up to the  ceiling ,a shining cord ,invisible  yet visible.                                                                                                                                             hitching / nevada     "....finally ,after  hours of waiting for someone ,a pickup stops        "HELLO    !   "     ,          no re«ly ---then plop! ,a pistol-belt is set down between us . On it is a foot long hunting knife and a 44 revolver  .He never says a word  to me till  I get out.                                                                                                                                    at the  zoo    /    I am not even  feeding the pigeons .....yet not only them but also the ducks ,chickens and even a pheasant   ,are all  fallowing me in a long line ;   VERY STRANGE  ///                                                                                                   rock festival /satsop washington / august 71       about 100 miles from Seattle /   I and many others see a motionless ufo  hovering nearby   ;has row of windows abouts it's  center ;is quite large and just as suddenly ,it vanishes // on the pa system was playing..   "YEAH  YEAH ,IT'S THE TAX MAN"/   early beattles song  //                                                  ft. lewis wash/after&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&very heavily,.I decided to  look into the sun;it seems something  is rushing  around and around the corona;after a few  minitws ,I lay down on the  lawn and start starring straight  up ;I noyice  above me a pillar of cloud ,like the eye of a huricane,   only====no storm  /I look up at  other  clouds nearby and they quickly evaporate //    as a teenager I practiced on  hanging mobiles in my room; I could  make all or  parts  spin and reverse direction //   or  cause a candle flame to strobe //                                                                                                                  tony ....talking of the  early days of the  church  at Cresent Heights //  "....I was like the Pied Piper ,leading the rats out of the city....out to the beaches ===hundreds of them ,to be baptiised in the ocean  by me."//  "I felt like some monster ,like Godzilla....come up to destroy the city .....(of sin);....hundreds of youngsters ,lined up to be baptized."//                                                                                          watching mission imposible // march  1972 //